Welcome to Deep Playa, a virtual reality grid on the Opensim platform, providing the environment and activities of an art and music festival in the desert, unassociated with any real-life festival.

Feel free to explore and use everything here. Anything that is sittable, clickable, driveable, takeable, wearable, is meant to do so. You can drive art cars, enjoy interactive art installations, pilot air and water vehicles, play golf, swing on free-hanging hoops, do bicycle tricks in a mini-velodrome, and much more. If two avatars are present, you can challenge each other to a duel in the Thunderdome, among other things.

The region is a museum for some of my past builds, a testing area for land vehicle scripts, and a few parties each year. Builds here are updated periodically. There's usually something new going on somewhere.

Please enable Advanced Lighting Model (ALV) and Enable All Local Lights in your viewer's graphics preferences, to enjoy the light projection effects used here. Your viewer's draw distance can be set to 1024 or the highest level, as there isn't much stuff here and it's a bit spread out. That will speed up your rendering and reduce lag as you move around the sim.

Deep Playa is an 8x8 varregion running Bullet physics, with most of the area being empty space for vehicle script testing. The region is configured as a standalone hypergrid region, accessible from other grids but independently operated.

Cars have a big presence here since I also maintain the Supercar Plus car scripts used here and in SL. All cars here have an auto-park feature, so you don't have to worry about putting them back where you found them, they will park themselves. On some cars, you may need to right-click the vehicle's tire and select Drive to be driver, to avoid being seated as a passenger.

Art cars in the festival area are limited to walking and running speeds. Race cars, parked at the East end of the festival area, have 12 speeds and will go over 500mph in the top gear. For these it's recommended to use the racetrack that extends around the edge of the region or you might get lost, and you definitely want to set your draw distance set to max.

Almost all in-world objects are either original creations by me, by my partner Hallix Raine, or 3D mesh models licensed for non-commercial re-use that I have imported. A small number of external assets from trusted sources are included in some art builds. We make efforts not to use any illegal or copybotted assets in the grid. If you see anything that needs attention please report them to one of us.

The grid does not contain any adult material, however we do not monitor it regularly and felt an Adult rating would reduce risks for visitors. We have a No Child Avatars policy.

Interstallar Space, a 2nd region on the grid, is now operational. It simulates a space station on a distant planet with a futuristic space-related theme throughout. You reach it using landmarks or using the round teleporter near the Playa landing point.

Deep Playa Grid is a work in progress. If you see anything here that needs attention, please let me know. Enjoy and explore.

Cuga Rajal