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Deep Playa is an independently operated virtual reality grid on the Opensim platform. Visitors can explore interactive art, music and activities in an environment simulating a festival in the desert. Deep Playa is accessible from any Opensim grid that allows hypergrid teleporting, such as OSGrid, Kitely, AltMetaverse or others. Typically, people log in to their home grid, and then teleport to Deep Playa.

To visit Deep Playa after you are logged in to your home grid, open the World Map in your viewer, and type into the field to the left of the Find button: http://rajal.org:9000   We recommend using the latest release of Firestorm Viewer for Opensim for best compatiliblty.

If you haven't been to Opensim and want to visit, you can view more detailed instructions to install the free software and get started.